This System can be mounted to a wall, the ceiling or glass components. Even after assembling the parts: height adjustment up to 2mm is possible. The glass point fixation our door fiitings offers you the highest possible stability and guides door panels up to weights from 135 kg.


Driven by our ambition and our motto „quality made by passion“, we have perfected this unique sliding door technique. The result is two flexible stored castors, that allows an unobstructed operation and prevents a tilting of the door panel. The smalles radius, that is possible with this system is 750 mm, so that it is possible to move the doorpanels even in smallest space. 


The “Vario” sliding door system represents a unique solution for guiding a flat surface around a curved rail. Architects and designers can then feel comfortable and confident specifying ultra-creative designs where door elements need to move along curved spaces.


lots design variants 

The circular shower – available in partially polished to pvd-coated 

The changeover to double-castors enlarges the amount of the lateral support. This causes that the castors are leades earlier and more dynamic into the curve. The flexible storage of the castor prevents a tilting and secures a consistent force distribution and an unobstructed operation. Nice side-effect: The smallest possible radius of the guiderail could be reduced up to 350mm, so that it is possible to move the doorpanels even in smallest space.

Many of our customers finding themself in a struggle of planning a circular system like this. MWE welcomes them with open arms. The planning support of our technical in-house department will take the big part of work away from them. The production-drawings at a scale of 1:1 are included, so that the fitters on site get an optimized overview.


exclusive shower

high comfort

Your advantages​ in the overview

- suitable for curved door panels (variant ST.1005.VAR/radius min. 750 mm)
- completely planned individually for you by MWE
- Extraordinary runnability caused by the solid stainless steel guiderail
- suitable for door panels out of glass, wood, metal and plastic
- holds a door panel weight up to 135kg.


The fitting-series Vario is made of solid steel. Every single component can be customized and delivered after your wishes with a polished or highgloss-polished finish.

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