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The double slide rail can be mounted quickly and securely to the wall and to the fixed glass element with front face fasteners. It makes the shower structure extremely stable while still allowing for easy on-thespot length adjustment. A special feature is the double roller, which allows the sliding door to run extremely smoothly while at the same time preventing any tilting of the door leaf.



The miami Shower system is a delight to install and provides an equally delightful final result. Ideal as a niche solution, the Miami shower system is also perfectly suited as a corner shower.


This impressive shower system is extremely stable and very easy to install. The Miami system has been designed for recessed shower enclosures and for installation situations where the shower door needs to be as wide as possible

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niche-shower to u-shaped shower, partially polished to pvd-coated

The rail can be quickly and easily shortened to fit the maximum tolerances or if bearing sets are used. The standard finish is made from brushed 600 grit (decorative quality) and there is also an option for the shower system to be supplied with a partially polished or highly polished finish throughout. Door panel weight up to 55 kg.

This Video shows a cabin-solution in a lavatory area with direct connection to the wall with the MIAMI showersystem.

This example shows perfectly, that the super-easy installing-process is possible in a very quick and clean way.
Click on the image below to view the whole mounting-process and watch the result of a high quality shower systems with all its clever design.

Montagefilm Dusche Miami

Montagefilm Dusche Miami


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- For niche-showers and installation situations where the shower door needs to be as wide as possible