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Shower enclosures with a striking frame.
The entrance of an u-shaped shower cabin is framed with a massive, »AKZENT-characteristic« stainless steel door frames. At the ground level the solid-parts finish with a very gracile stainless steel profile.  



Together with the circumferential sealing parts and the massive frame the wateroutlet is absolutely minimized.

The door to the U-shaped shower enclosures is a solid stainless steel frame typical of the Akzent system. The fixed elements are sealed to the floor by a very thin stainless steel section. The combination of the frame and the all-round sealing elements for the door leaf ensure a high degree of water-tightness for the two shower units. Using the Akzent R door opener, the shower can thus be sealed very tightly.


lots of design variants 

This showersystem includes maximum quality with minimum material usage – without being intrusive. Our showersystem is made out of a massive stainless-steel door frame, that refines every bathroom. Besides that the door hinges and the door handles or the recessed handle are all milled out of solid material. This unique system is made on the latest modern versions of CNC-machinery and pernickety handwork. Available with a partially polished, polished or matt brushed finish.100% „made in Germany“


Swing doors for showers are mainly used in big and large-scaled bathrooms. Although the swing door needs more space, they offer a bigger entrance-wideness. Its high-quality premium-surface offers an asthetic appearance for the swing door. The door frame does not only refines the apearance of the shower, it is remarkable for its purity and its resistance against moisture. Because of that they are outstandingly suitable for rough surroundings like pool-areas and swing-doors for showers. In addition they are shock proof and scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean.

As you can see in this private reference-building below: A shower-enclosure solution that was realised with our AKZENT frame system.

The corner connectors, door handles, hinges and floor-tracks, are all matched to the design of the AKZENT system. Partition-walls and cabine-technique are playing a big role in separating the different areas from each other without letting the appearance of the room look smaller, but even making it more impressive .


most modern technology extensively tested

Our AKZENT showersystem in conjunction with the swing door and the massive stainless steel frame fits the requirements on quality and appearance. Not least this is based on our inhouse quality assurance, where material und endproduct are put through their paces. This unique system is made on the latest modern versions of CNC-machinery and pernickety handwork. Besides our stainless steel door frames you can get doorhandles and recessed handles, for presenting your bathroom in the best light possible. If there is any open question, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.


The AKZENT system is made of solid stainless steel! Every component can be delivered in brushed or high-gloss-polished finish.

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