The name speaks for itself. In Contrast to many common sliding-door-systems this variant is not mounted to the ceiling or a wall, it is mounted to the ground. Convince yourself of our high-quality door fitting.


The sliding door system TERRA comes with ovious visible castors and a guiderail at the ground,that carry the whole weight. For all the other parts that means a very remarkable reduction of the static load. Accoding to the customer wishes there is the possibility to include a soft-close function in the above mounted guide-rail system. The floor-castors are made of solid stainless steel and are customizable with for example a high-gloss polished finish.


The jewel of our shower system collection! The round shower TERRA has a simple and elegant touch with lots of refinements and details. Curved glass, curved rail and adapted rollers - all these details have to be coordinated of a hundredth to fit perfectly. These free standing shower systems are a real master piece of planning and construction.

down to earth

lots of design variants 

The circular shower – available in partially polished to pvd-coated 

A shower the other way round! The showersystem TERRA offers an interesting alternative to common shoersystems - a shower for individualists. What is so special about it? The weight carrying castors are on the ground, so that you are able to place them in the room nearly wherever you want it to be.


exclusive shower

high comfort

Your advantages​ in the overview

- suitable for curved door panels (variant ST.1005.VAR/radius min. 750 mm)
- completely planned individually for you by MWE
- Extraordinary runnability caused by the solid stainless steel guiderail
- suitable for door panels out of glass, wood, metal and plastic
- holds a door panel weight up to 150kg.


The hinge-series TERRA is made of solid stainless steel! Every component can be delivered in brushed or high-gloss-polished finish.

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